Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Contributors - Craigslist

This is the ad that we're currently posting on Boston Craigslist. We alternate every few days under Gigs between Writing and Creative.

Roofscape is the online magazine of outdoor urban living worldwide. Visit and enjoy the view ... http://roofscapemagazine.com.

Roofscape is devoted to the enjoyment and enhancement of the urban outdoors around the world. The magazine explores all aspects of outdoor urban living - nature and the environment, history and historic city walks, sports and recreation, gardening and landscaping, alfresco cooking and dining, outdoor living and work spaces, plus the sky and stars overhead.

Are you a writer, photographer or visual artist with a passion for city life and the urban outdoors? We'd like to work with you. Get in touch ... contact@roofscapemagazine.com.

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