Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8

Spent the day in the garden. I hadn't even visited since May 23, over two weeks ago. Very unusual. This time coincided with the week before and after the launch of Roofscape when I was flat out busy in the office and needed a constant WiFi connection, which the garden lacks. Happy to be back.

While I was gone the garden exploded. We've had light but regular rainfalls and everything was thriving. All the greens - kale, collards, chard and mustard - are ready for harvesting. Tomatoes are setting.

High- 91°. Low- 38°. 1:00- 70°. Wind- west, 5-7 mph. Sky- sunny, high thin clouds. The high/low represents 5/23 to 6/8.

Image ... Roofscape garden. The Fenway Victory Gardens, Boston. Fall 2005. The design is now somewhat different and different things are growing in different places, of course. The entrance is through a gate at the lower left by the willows. The entire garden is fenced in and oriented with the corners, each containing a patio, aligned along the cardinal compass points.