Saturday, June 20, 2009


For years I biked in Boston with a cruiser - a one gear bicycle with coaster brakes. And not only in the city. I did the Minuteman Bikeway many times with that one-speed, which is mostly uphill for 7 miles to Lexington. Rather than shift gears, you just peddle harder and/or go slower. And back-pedal to brake. It's the bike of childhood. Minus the baseball cards clothespinned to the frame to slap the spokes. Or not.

Seen aboce is a rugged new cargo-carrying city bike that's caught out eyes, the Torker Cargo T.

D,L. Byron of Bike Hugger gives the Model T these props ...

What I like about the Torker Cargo T is the simplicity. US customers would call this a *grocery getter". Or errand bike for the Plain Clothes Cyclists. It's based on the Batavus Personal Bike and made for the city. Nothing much to explain. Put some groceries up front and a backpack on the back. Pull it up and onto the center stand to park it. To ride it just pedal. Sit upright and twist the shifter.