Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16

Finished and released Roofscape News #8. The image is above, Sunbather in a Saltmarsh, also the current cover of the magazine.

A collective sigh of relief, but a real feeling of accomplishment. The new News is a new design from the ground up and required a major amount of work, careful attention and lots of testing. But now it's done future issues will be far faster and easier. Now on to the new Roofscape cover. It's getting a design tweak too, but nothing major, just refinements.

Imaged Charles's article Strip City, 1952. A photo from the web with the Harry's Strip Club sign added. Not sure I like that touch. We'll see what Charles says. If he likes it, it stays. Otherwise the image is OK. Got to go back and find the source to credit, closed the browser window too soon.

Writing the recipe for Pho Faux, our vegetarian (hence faux) take on the national dish of Vietnam. I developed this recipe two weeks ago and it tested well, but I'm only now getting around to writing it, although I already did the ingredients list and have notes. It should be done soon after making so that I don't miss details.