Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6

Just discovered you can upload photos directly into Blogger. It puts the images into a Picasa album (name it the title of your blog), sizes them down to 400 pixels wide (the maximum image width within a Blogger post) and inserts them (with 4 placement options) into your blog. Makes production a snap. No re-sizing necessary. How cool is that?

Still developing department index pages. The photo above is from the Outerwear page. It cracks me up. Taken at the intersection of Boylston St. and Mass. Ave. by the Berklee College of Music. One of the great crossroads of the world. You see everything there and everyone. My favorites are the Japanese rock 'n roll chicks. An incredible sense of style.

Shopping with clients at Hastone and Home Depot. A three hour whirlwind. Going to try a Ralp Lauren Suede paint, called Desert Plateau (SU79). Man, do they look like a hot finish.

Got my bike back from Community Bicycle, repairing broken spokes.