Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19

Added an article from the New York Times, Urban Farming, A Bit Closer to the Sun to the journal and magazine, posted just below.

Work for today ... 1. Olmsted's Green Ribbon, part 1 posted just above. 2. New cover for the magazine. I changed the main image last Friday, but that's as far as I got. Making the new newsletter, which emailed on Monday, took all my time and attention, it was a total re-design.

And it's raining again! As it's been for weeks. Did I suddenly switch coasts to Seattle? Cucumbers, Burpee Pickler, blossoming and setting fruit out on the office fire escape.

Visited with Jenny yesterday and we chatted. She may be joining us. We may have a new hand to welcome aboard. A mad Aussie from Melbourne. We need that perspective. Worked at Sharon's on her bath makeover. Biked back in the rain, soaked. Charles got caught out too on his recumbent.

The magazine now has over 100 followers on Twitter and 50 listeners to Radio Roofscape and we add new fans daily. Welcome all of you. We love you all madly ... as Duke Ellington always said to close his shows.