Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr. King - Gardner Heist | Beans About Boston . 7

Martin Luther King, Jr. moved to Boston in September 1951 to pursue his doctorate at the Boston University School of Theology. Where were his bachelor quarters before he married Coretta Scott in 1953?

A - B.U. campus housing.
B - Back Bay.
C - The Fenway.
D - The South End.
E - Kenmore Square.
F - Beacon Hill.

The infamous art heist at the Gardner Museum - the largest in history with an estimated current worth of a half-billion dollars and now approaching its 20th anniversary - was cleverly carried out by thieves posing as what?

A - Mimes.
B - Undertakers.
C - Policemen.
D - Plumbers.
E - Exterminators.

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