Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

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The tomatoes (Mexican Wild, seeds saved from the garden the year before last, 4/5) and eggplant (Burpee Garden Blend, 3/5), planted on 1/19, just germinated over night, 8 days from planting. The hot peppers and kale remain. I'm surprised the kale isn't up by now. Moved the seedlings into the big bright office window and bottom watered.

The weather continues warm, a welcome respite after all the wickedly (or wicked, if you're from Boston) cold days we've had.

Checked later in the morning and the kale (Specialty Toscano, Johnny's, 1/5) had sprouted.

Pete and I wrapped the job on Isabella Street. I did PR in the lower South End. Visited client on Beacon Hill to arrange projects for next week. Biking here and there, walking around. Low 40's with a sometimes stiff west wind.

Chinese takeout from New Garden on Dudley. My experience with restaurants is that for each of them there are a few things that they do well, most with mediocrity and another few awfully. It's just the unavoidable bell curve shape of things. The question, therefore, is - what can they do well? And that's not always easy or obvious.

Image ... Procession over mountain pass. Japanese wood block print.

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