Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

Imaged Olmsted's Green Ribbon . 1 & 2 for Garden Journal.

Added the current Beans About Boston (Malcolm X - Gardner Heist) puzzler, Thought for the Week (Thoreau) and On the Cover . 9 (Snow Train) - a Sneak Peek feature that runs only in the Journal until the next issue of Roofscape (January 15).

Labeled all Journal posts back to the beginning of the year, after discovering the incredible power of labels.

Finished the Croutons article (directly above) for Cookout. Released it as a Sneak Peek.

Set up the seed starting table by the big window in the office. It's too early for Yankees to be starting seeds - you'll notice all the snow covering the ground and planter out on the fire escape - but we need to start well ahead of time to photograph the seed starting how-to article in time for people to DIY. We'll start the actual plants for Roofscape's demonstration garden at their proper times in late winter.

The table's about 5-feet wide by 18" deep, holding dozens of transplant pots and seed starting containers. It's at the height of the window sill, which holds a dozen or so more, and supported on two saw horses we built in Roofscape's woodworking shop. A shelf below stores the planted seed starting containers before they germinate. On the floor the starting containers, pots, seed starting medium, potting soil and other tools of the trade are stored.

Finished editing and uploaded Olmsted's Green Ribbon - 2. It will continue to be serialized daily in the Journal.

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