Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 27, 2010

An acquaintance of ours started an online magazine, Muddy Water. The second sentence in his email inviting me to check it out starts this way, and my reply after looking his shit over follows.
I've working on it some time ...

Really? That's an insult to your readers. If any were left after the second sentence of the email.

Where to begin? OK, I'll be kind and leave it at this. Visually - it's one of the ugliest and most amateur-looking things that I've seen on the Web. Close to the worst. And that's saying something.

I might have been kinder, gentler and graded on a curve, but that ludicrous, self-indulgent 'mission statement' and slurred syntax, as noted above, forced the gloves off.

You might have something to offer. It's hard to say from what I've seen. But if so, you'll have to work a helluva lot harder - and smarter.

Ooh. Was that nasty or was that nasty? But if you stick your head (or rear) up, expect to get fired at. Anyway it might just be a mercy killing.

Now, nasty is not my nature. But I think you have to level with people. If not you're doing them a dis-service. Moreover, the consumer needs to know. A little of the nasty, not snarky but nasty, might pick up everyone's game. Mark Twain certainly thought so. It's not as bad as it sounds, he said of Wagner. See, such a generous soul after all.

Just returned to the Sunday Gospel Set video for a dose of inspiration with Mary Mary jamming Get Up. 過年 had left this comment - 很好啊. Went to WorldLingo, the free online translater (500 word limit). Translation - Very good. His name translated as - New year's celebration. The Chinese New Year starts on February 14 this year, our Valentine's Day. Glad we got your party going early.

Image ... Pebbles. St. Botolph Street, Boston.

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