Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

Last night at 11:00 Saturn was burning big and bright, situated due south, just sailing over the trees. I turned out the lights to watch in, turned on Stellarium to ID it and turned to Wikipedia to learn more. Followed its journey westward.

Stellarium is a wonderful program, if you don't know about it, a planetarium of the stars.

Another great resource is Tonight's Sky, hosted by HubbleSite, the website for the Hubble Space Telescope. It's a ten minute video tour around the night skies for the current month, complete with spacey music. It covers constellations, planets and celestial events.

As you can see, I'm experimenting with various image sizes and placement. That's something we do all the time in the magazine, utilizing an array of visual strategies, but not yet tried with the Blogger platform. Mainly because we don't want to be devoting too much time to GJ, which takes from RSM time. When it comes to handling images in Blogger you're on your own, you just have to experiment and figure it out.

Hints: 1 -- Every image loads at the top of the post, you have to move it by hand to where you want it. 2 -- The text should begin immediately, without a space, after the image anchor, whether the image is to be on the right or left side of the text. 3 -- Images are auto-sized to fit the 400 pixel width. This saves extra work.

Programmed a totally rocking Sunday gospel set for Radio Roofscape. The theme is get up! and the music is all contemporary gospel. I haven't done this before, usually I mix new and old schools, or old old school, even old old old school stuff. Kirk Franklin up with the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Disciples of Christ next to The Blind Boys of Alabama, etc. This was all new and it sweeps you away on a powerful current of sound. Here's the playlist.
Kirk Franklin - Looking for You (Live)
Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up
Tonex - Rocks Out @ the Upper Room
Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard - Snap
Disciples of Christ - Deeper
Mary Mary - Get Up (what a great tune and video!)
Donnie McClurkin - We Fall Down

The first seeds of the season germinated - lettuce (1/5) and basil (4/5), both planted on 1/19, sprouted in 5 days. Setting them by the heat register really speeds them along.

Image ... Snow Train. Haverhill. Mass.

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