Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 28, 2010

The hot peppers, planted January 19, just germinated (2/5), in 10 days. There were no signs of them yesterday when I checked several times, but when I got up at 2:00 AM this morning to work - my favorite time of day - there they were, two of them curled up under the container cap. And now they're unfolding. I'm literally watching them grow, glancing sideways from time to time at the seed starting table as I type. Growth always seems to happen in the dark. We may glow best in the light but we seem to grow best in the dark.

The photo above was made a block from our office at the now abandoned Seven50 Grill. That's their sign, to the left. The image, looking in through the windows of the conservatory or greenhouse dining area is a combination of interior and exterior views mediated by the reflections off the glass walls. The tables and chairs inside are melded with the seating outside on the patio.

What happened to this place is hard to fathom. Someone ran it right into the ground and out of business. A clear case for chef Gordon Ramsey. Physically it's got everything going for it - more advantages than anyone could possibly demand - but it implodes and collapses. Leaving us with crappy Hick-spanic, lame Chinese and the usual pizza/sub suspect. Nothing to not encourage home cooking anyway. Troubled karma or possibly the Mafia? Of course sheer serial ineptitude should never be ruled out. I have a tale to tell, but not now.

Is blogging a boon or bane for writers? It's hard to say in the balance. As so many things are. It so seductively cures (or curses) the need of actually having to write. On the other hand it beats scrubbing the kitchen sink and all the other writing avoidance strategies that writers regularly deploy with apparent impunity. Call it mere journal-ism, as Dr. Johnson might say. Boswell would second. I have no opinion.

Image ... Seven50. Dorchester, Mass.

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