Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

Discovered Songza Radio. See yesterday's Journal entry for details. It's nuts. We'll be reviewing it soon.

Sat on my precious Maxell headphones - again - with predictable results. Sutured with masking tape. Don't sound the same though. Boogers. I think I like them more than my Koss, which sounded great but were bulkier, started falling apart 5 seconds after I bought them and crapped out on their own. Occupational hazard. Headphones are the only thing for close, detailed listening and mixing. The music is inside your head rather than out there. Which is where nusic begins anyway. It's all in your head. With some sympathetic strings.

Biked downtown yesterday to meet a new client. Stepping outdoors into the strong sunshine it felt fine. On the road - 22 degrees of freeze and a sharp breeze. Baby it was brisk, but not bad. Bad is snow, rain and ice. Cold itself is cool.

Photographed MLK's bachelor digs on Mass. Ave. with freezing fingers and failing batteries. See below - although I've just dropped a huge hint. So what, as Miles says in modes. In the end nothing matters. Nothing does. Nothing finally matters. Nothing does. Nothing.

Rose early. Started prepping for today's dinner, a recipe which I've made before but I'm going to try to finally nail - Shepherd's Pie, a vegetarian version anyway (hold the little lamb).

I cook in stages on Sundays, over the course of the whole day, while I'm doing other stuff. If you're lucky this will give you the illusion that you never did any work. The first step is simply the 'mis en place' - getting all the ingredients scrubbed and in place, ready for the knife. Oh, and before that - cleaning up the kitchen and breakfast, eaten while breaking down the Sunday papers. To be a free spirit you have to follow strict routines. So be it, for some reason.

Image ... Northeast windows, third floor landing outside the office.

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