Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Working on the cover of the February 1 issue. It's got a spectacular seasonal image, which we'll soon offer a sneak peek at.

Researching and writing Starting from Seed, a chart of indoor crop starting dates in relation to local last frost dates (in Boston between April 1 - 30). The vegetables and herbs started yesterday are staying comfortably warm in front of the office heat register.

Programmed a Radio Roofscape set drawn from Beethoven's late string quartets. Lost 5 listeners overnight! That's never happened, not even close. Occasionally 1 leaves, but another soon arrives. Not now, no new listeners despite a reggae set with lots of props. But the ratio - 1 listener per 5 programmed tracks (now 2691/522) - remains remarkably consistent. We hit 500 exactly on 12/31/09, so we're continuikng to add more than 1 per day. Roll over Beethoven, the big old dog is movin' in.

Visitor tonight for dinner. Charles made kugel with sides of Brussel sprouts and broccoli, lashings of sour cream and apple sauce, bottles of beer. The first kugel came out of the oven early apparently, but I dug it. I like most things done rare - not raw, no stinkin' sushi please - but rare (restored body heat) or medium rare (fevered body heat).

Our office enjoyed a clean sweep today. Boy was that badly needed. Dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds were collected in the corners.

Haiti and yesterday's Mass. senate election bumming us out. Exchange heard while waiting in line ... "How's your family (in Haiti)?" "Dead." Boston has the third largest Haitian population in the US, and many other peoples from The Yard. You're in our thoughts. I can't imagine the chaos, an entire country shaken to its very core, collapsed. The extent of personal suffering, the extremity of shared suffering, in an already suffering land. There but ...

Image ... Garden Patio in Snow. Fenway Victory Gardens, Boston.

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