Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Janaury 12, 2010

Wrote the third installment of Dr. King's Time in Boston, just above, getting into the thought he encountered at B.U. and the movement known as Personalism.

Biked downtown with Fred and Pete. Fredereke is a fast Autobahn speed queen. She held back for us slow pokes, but I was still pushed faster than I ever go and beat when we arrived. She still had twice the distance to go and disappeared like a streak.

Pete and I started a new job on St. Botolph Street and finished another on Marlborough. The bike back was at our pokey leisurely pace.

Filled some seed starting containers with medium and got ready to plant. Starting basil, eggplant, hot peppers, Mexican Wild tomatoes. This is way too early, of course, but I need plants in various stages of growth for a late winter/early spring article on starting transplants from seed.

Image ... Elliot Bridge over the Charles River. Mural (in snow) at Trader Joe's on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Mass.

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