Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

An urban survivalist started following us on Twitter, or more exactly, an entrepreneur of urban survivalism, the libertarian wing. And after some thought we started following back. After all the urban world is our beat. People who describe themselves as a god and live in California are a little bit worrisome, however. But he's got spelling, syntax, makes some sense and advocates baking bread (but not if zombies might be lurking), so we'll check him out.

Cold. Single digits cold with wind chill in the double negative numbers. Saturn burning bright in the middle of the night. A full moon tonight. Full Wolf Moon. Raccoons mate now, the The Old Farmer's Almanac helpfully notes. I wonder what our coons are up to in this cold. OFA also says that Mark Twain loved to write in bed. I agree with that, an astronaut-style workplace is by far the best; flanked by books, files, camera, tape recorder, headphones, notebooks, magazines, radio, seed packets, lamp over the right shoulder - with laptop canted up in lap and hot tea at hand.

Today I'm working on the Screenscape section of the magazine. These are images for decorating computer desktops. They are sometimes, but not always, the current image on the cover of the magazine. The cover images don't always make good desktops. It takes something sort of abstract, that works as an unobtrusive background and can scale well to different screen sizes. I think I'll go with the frosted window image. That's certainly timely. I'm trying to upgrade a department a day - new page color, navBar, ads, content and department blurbs.

Image ... Mural. Roxbury, Mass.

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